Education for a working future

Ensure creative, dynamic workforce in early children intervention, care and education by fully, developing every student’ career, academic and professional potential.

Specific Objectives

Train and establish Nursery Care Providers in rural areas, prisons, hospitals etc, so as to improve the care, education, health for quality early childhood education development.

Hill View Secondary School

The school aims to meet every individual student needs. The school environment enables students to reach their own potential in changing, inclusive and technological society.

Hills View Demonstration Nursery, Pre & Primary School

To ensure that all children, especially the orphans, vulnerable and those effected by HIV/AIDS, enjoy quality life through stable nurturance, emphatic family caregivers, teachers and community-based holistic social services and support.

Consultancy Services

Offering counseling services in behavior management, learning disabilities, and in early pregnancies and traumatic diseases i.e HIV/AIDS.


Comprehensive range of Certificates is awarded by approval recognized examining organs upon successful completion of respective program of study.

Teaching Staff

The college has qualified enthusiastic and innovative professionals including various visiting Lecturers and exchange personnel from within and abroad

St.Rock Matokeo 2014

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St. Rock College of Early Education Results -2012

St.Rock College of Early Education Result May 2014



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